Legend Danish Butter Cookies Recipe website

Danish butter cookies are one of the most well-known butter cookies products. Originally from Denmark, we can be sure this product includes butter cakes provided by many families in various parts of the world. Well, on the Danish butter cookies website that contains information about history and also legend recipes that are presented.

The existence of recipes that are presented of course can make you can try making this butter cake at home. Of course, making your own Danish butter cookies will be a fun idea. In addition to sharpening cooking solutions, making butter cakes can also be a unique solution when providing snacks for the family.

Easy Danish Butter Cookies Recipe

To make Danish butter cookies with a delicious taste, there are several ingredients that tend to be simple and easy to find to prepare. With very easy ingredients, making this butter cookies menu will certainly be easier.

The ingredients used to make the Danish butter cookies menu for this website are as follows:

  • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla essens. 
  • 1 large looking chicken egg. 
  • 130 grams of refined sugar. 
  • 330 grams of flour with medium protein. 
  • 50-gram margarine. 
  • 150-gram butter. 

Some of the above materials must be provided in full. In this case, to get delicious and quality butter cookies, use ingredients that are basically high quality.

Well, for how to manufacture, there are several steps that must be done such as:

  • Preheat the oven first. Take a bowl or container. 
  • Add butter, margarine, eggs and vanilla essence. Mixer until all ingredients are evenly mixed and fluffy. The dough will tend to turn pale in color later. Turn off the mixer. 
  • Add refined sugar and flour. Stir using a spatula. 
  • Enter the mixture that has been mixed into the piping bag that has been installed sepuit. 
  • After that, print on a baking sheet that was previously given a sprinkling of flour. 
  • Print according to taste with unique shapes. 
  • Bake the butter cookies mixture in the oven that has been prepared until cooked. 
  • Done. 

Well, the recipe that matches the Danish butter cookies website above you can try at home. With simple steps, you don't need to bother making butter cookies!

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